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Last year, Project Harmony helped protect 8,065 children from abuse and neglect.

You are pledging to help us end child abuse. To help children who can’t do it themselves. To promote safety, positivity, and to support us in our mission. To educate yourself and others in identifying the signs. And to show others how to also be a part of the solution.

YOU are pledging to help end the cycles of abuse.

It only takes 10 seconds… A report of child abuse is made EVERY 10 seconds. It’s not a lot of time, yet it can make all the difference. In 10 seconds…

  • A toddler could be sent to daycare in frigid weather, wearing nothing more than shorts and sandals.
  • A parent could act on a violent impulse that permanently alters the trajectory of their child’s life.
  • A teenager could commit suicide because of the sexual abuse they’ve endured for years.
  • YOU can take action to change it all.

By taking this pledge, you’re making a commitment, and you’re taking the first step in a very important journey. This might seem like a small gesture, but it will have profound and exponential effects.

Child abuse impacts everyone, in communities of all sizes and shapes. We reject the idea that it has to. Changing the narrative is not easy, but it begins with those dedicated to being part of the solution. By working together, we can end it once and for all.

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